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Please follow these guidelines when submitting your artwork to
Be sure to include your last name on the filename. Filenames should not exceed 20 characters.

Adobe Photoshop - file extension: artwork.psd - Fonts should be rasterized before sending us file.
Adobe Illustrator - file extensions: artwork.eps, - Create outlines should be used for all text and imported graphics embedded.
Adobe Acrobat - file extensions: artwork.pdf - Fonts should be embedded. If there is a lot of wording to the document such as a program or
booklet, send the original file from which the pdf was made so that we may edit as needed.

Microsoft Word - file extensions: artwork.docx - Please send any original images used in document.
Microsoft Excel - file extensions: artwork.xlsx - Please send any original images used in document.
Microsoft Publisher - file extensions: - Please send any original images used in document.

Microsoft Power Point - file extensions: artwork.pps - Power Point files are too low in resolution to use.

File extensions: artwork.jpg; artwork.png; artwork.bmp; artwork.tif
Desired size for digital images is 300 dpi. Images under 300 dpi should be 4 times size of desired print area.

Desired Margins for Submitted Artwork:
1. Business cards -  .125"
2. Envelopes -  .25" from the top and side.
3. Letterheads -  .375"at the top and .25" along all sides and bottom.
4. Postcards -  .25"
5. Flyers and brochures -  .25"

Scanning Guidelines:
1. Before scanning, know what size the image will be in the design layout. If in doubt, overestimate the size you needed.
2. If the original image is larger than the size needed for your printed piece, scan in at 300 dpi.
3. Scan at 400 dpi if the image includes text.
4. If the original image is smaller than the sized needed for printed piece, scan at 600 dpi.

1. Any printed piece that has color or image area go to edge of paper needs a bleed area added.
2. If a bleed is not desired, then there will be a white border around color or image area and the artwork will be sized accordingly.
3. Artwork should allow an extra .125" on all sides to allow for trimming..
4. Text and logos should be at least .125" from trimmed edges.

Bleed measurements 

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